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從大的方面看,英語 演講詞實際上是屬于一種特殊的說明文或議論文,其基本組成部分是: 1)開始時對聽眾的稱呼語 最常用的是 ladies and gentlemen,也可根據不同情況,選用 fellow students,distinguished guests,mr chairman,honorable judges(評委)等等。


3)論證 對提出的論題,不可主觀地妄下結論,而要進行客觀的論證。這是演講中最需要下功夫的部分。關鍵是要把道理講清楚。常見的論證方法有舉例法、因果法、對比法等等,可參見英語 議論文的有關章節。

4)結論 結論要簡明扼要,以給聽眾留下深刻印象。

5)結尾 結尾要簡潔,不要拉拉扯扯,說個沒完。特別是不要受漢語影響,說些類似“準備不足,請諒解”,“請批評指正”這樣的廢話。最普通的結尾就是:thank you very much for your attention。

管理范文網英語演講稿格式結尾篇when i was little,i did everything with my dad.you could always find me sitting on his knee or walking and doing everything with him.every night he would read me a bed time story and make the voices of each character.

i learnt a lot from my daddy.i learnt to never take things to seriously and to always smile.

like many other fathers,my dad and i also has generation gap.he is not good at or even can’t work the computer.so when i sitting at the computer desk,he will say something like ‘you should pay more attention to your study’,‘don’t waste time on the computer games’,‘it will be bad for your eyes’ and so on.how can i- a computer fan – reduce time on computer?so i continue studying and playing on it

years pasted,my father is over 45 now.it is time for me to look after him and i am sure i will do and we will live an even better life.and i will say,i really love you dad,cause you are the hero in my mind.

thank you so much!



*by appealing

wherefore, o judge, be good cheer about death, and know of a certainty, that no evil can happen to a good man, either in life or after death. he and his are not neglected by the gods; nor has my own approaching end happened by mere chance. but i see clearly that the time had arrived when it was better for me to die and be released from trouble wherefore the oracle gave no sign. for which reason, also, i am not angry with my condemners, or with my accusers; they have done men harm, although they did not mean to do me any good; and for this i may gently blame them.

still i have a favour to ask of them. when my sons are grown up, i would ask you, o my friends, to punish them; and i would have you trouble them, as i have troubled you, if they seem to care about riches, or anything, more than about virtue; or if they pretend to be something when they are really nothing, ─then reprove them, as i have reproved you, for not caring about that for which they ought to care, and thinking that they are something when they are really nothing. and if you do this, both i and my sons will have received justice at your hands.

the hour of departure has arrived, and we go our ways─i to die, and you to live. which is better god only knows.




i, general de gaulle, speaking from london, invited the french officers and soldiers who may be in british territory now or at a later date, with their arms or without their arms─i invent the engineers and the workers skilled in the manufacture of armaments who may be; now or in the future, on british soil─to get in touch with me.

whatever may come, the flames of french resistance must never be extinguished; and it will not extinguish.

tomorrow, as i have today, i shall speak over the london broadcast.




on the whole, sir, i can not help expressing a wish that every member of the convention who may still have objections to it, would, with me, on this occasion, doubt a little of his own infallibility, and, to make manifest our unanimity, put his name to this instrument.


i preach to you, then, my countrymen, that our country calls for the life of ease, but for the life of strenuous endeavor. the twentieth century looms before us big with the fate of many nations. if we stand idly by, if we seek merely swollen, slothful ease, and ignoble peace, if we shrink from the hard contests where men must win at hazard of their lives and at the risk of all they hold dear, then the bolder and stronger peoples will pass us by and will win for therefore the domination of the world. let us therefore boldly face the life of strife, resolute to do our duty well and manfully; resolute to uphold righteousness by deed and by word; resolute to be both honest and brave, to serve high ideals, yet to use practical methods. above all, let us shrink from no strike, moral or physical, within or without the nation, provided we are certain that the strife is justified; for it is only through strife, through hard and dangerous endeavor, that we shall ultimately win the goal of true national greatness.



*by summing up gists


it is a distressing and oppressive duty, gentlemen of the congress, which i have performed in thus addressing you. there are, it may be, many months of fiery trial and sacrifice ahead of us. it is a fearful thing to lead this great peaceful people into way, civilization itself seeming to be in the balance. but the right is more precious than peace, and we shall fight for the things which we have always carried nearest our hearts─for democracy, for the right of those who submit to authority to have a voice in their government, for the dominion of right by such a concert of free peoples as shall itself at last free. to such a task we can dedicate our lives and our fortunes, everything that we are and everything we have, with the pride of those who know that the day has come when american is privileged to send her blood and her might for the principles that gave her birth and happiness and the peace which she has treasured. god helping her, she can do no other.


in the last analysis, every kind of peaceful cooperation among men is primarily based on mutual trust and only secondly on institution such as courts of justice and police. this holds for nations as well as for individuals. and the basis of trust is loyal give and take.

--from albert einstein:'peace in the atomic age'



i will sum up my words as follows:

the juvenile movement of youth china, as i expect, is a movement for bilingual remolding of essence, is a movement for remolding spirit and material, for breaking the intellectual classes movement, for joining in the labor union, for small organization groups on the bases of villages, and still for enlarging the reliance.

the children of young china, and the juvenile movement is the movement of remolding the world. young china's juveniles are the youth of the world.

--from li dazhao:'the juvenile movement of youth china'




--選自李大釗《'少年中國'的'少年運動' 》


as what i said at the beginning, “we are reading the first verse of the first chapter of a book, whose pages are infinite”。 the past has gone. nothing we do will change it. but the future is in front of us. believe that what we give to the world, the world will give to us. and from today on, let’s be the owners of ourselves, and speak out “we are the world, we are the future.”



*with agitation & appeal


fly then to arms: let a holy rage animate you in the fight, and let the christian world resound with these words of the prophet, 'cursed be he who does not stain his sword with blood!' if the calls you to the defense of his heritage think not that his legions angels or breathe one word and all his enemies would crumble away into dust? but god has considered the sons of men, to open for them the road to his mercy. his goodness has caused to dawn for you a day of safety by calling on you to avenge his glory and his name.

christian warriors, he who gave his life for you, today demands yours in return. these are combats worthy of you, combat in which it is glorious to conquer and advantageous to die. illustrious knights, generous defenders of the cross, remember the examples of your fathers who conquered jersusale, and whose names are inscribed in heaven; abandon then the things that perish, to gather unfading palms, and conquer a kingdom which has no end.

--from st. bernard:'a second crusade'



and love, young men, loves and venerates the ideal. the ideal is the word of god. high above every country, high above humanity, is the country of spirit, the city of the soul, in which all are brethren who believe in the inviolability of thought and in the dignity of our immortal soul; and the baptism of this fraternity is martyrdom. from that high sphere spring the principles, which alone can redeem the peoples. arise from the sake of these, and not from impatience of suffering or dread of evil, anger, pride, ambition, and the desire of material prosperity are arms common alike to the peoples and their oppressors, and even should you conquer with these today, you would fall again tomorrow, but principles belong to the peoples alone and their oppressors can find no arms to oppose them. adore enthusiasm, the dreams of the virgin soul, and the visions of early youth, for they are a perfume of paradise, which the soul retains in issuing from the hands of its creator. respect above all things your conscience; have upon our lips the truth implanted by god in your hearts, and, while laboring in harmony, even with those who differ from you, in all that tends to the emancipation of our soil, yet ever bear your own banner erect and boldly promulgate your own faith.

such words, young men, would the martyrs of cosines have spoken, had they been living amongst you; and here, where it may be that, invoked by our love, their holy spirits hover near us, i call upon you to gather them up in your hearts and to make of them a treasure amid the storms that yet threaten you; storms which, with the name of our martyrs on your lips and their faith in your hearts, you will overcome.

god be with you, and lest italy!





*in climax


at a time like this, scorching iron, not convincing argument, is needed. o! had i the ability, and could i stream of biting ridicule, blasting reproach, withering sarcasm, and stern rebuke. for it is not light that is needed, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. we need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake. the feeling of the nation must be quicken; the conscience of the nation must be aroused; the propriety of the nation must be started; the hypocrisy of the nation must be exposed; and its crimes against god and men must be proclaimed and denounced.

what, to the american slave, is your fourth of july? i answer: a day that reveals to him, more than all other days in the year, the gross injustice and cruelty to which he is the constant victim. to him, your celebration is a shame; you boasted liberty, an unholy license; your national greatness, swelling vanity; your sounds of rejoicing are empty and heartless; your denunciation of tyrants, brass-fronted impudence; your shouts of liberty and equality, hollow mockery; your prayers and hymns, your sermons and thanks-givings, with all your religious parade and solemnity, are to him, mere bombast, fraud, deception, impiety, and hypocrisy─a thin veil to cover up crimes which would disgrace a nation of savages. there is not a nation of savages. there is not a nation on the earth guilty of practices more shocking and bloody than are the people of the united states at this very hour.

go, where you may, search where you will roam through all the monarchies and despotism of the old world, travel through south america, search out every abuse, and when you have found the last, lay your facts by the side of the everyday practices of this nation, and you will say with me that, for revolting barbarity and shameless hypocrisy, america reigns without a rival.


你們的7月4日對于美國奴隸來說是個什么日子?我要回答說:這日子比一年之中其他日子更使他們看見他們經年累月所受的不公正和殘酷待遇。你們的慶祝對于他們是一場欺騙;你們鼓吹的自由不過是瀆神的放縱;你們所謂偉大的民族精神不過是自欺欺人的虛榮自負;你們的歡呼是虛張聲勢;你們對專制的譴責是厚顏無恥的胡扯;你們高喊的自由平等是空洞虛假的冒牌貨;你們的禱詞和贊美詩,你們那喋喋不休的布道說教和滔滔不絕的感恩祈禱,加上你們那些宗教游行和隆重儀式,都只不過是對上帝的吹牛、撒謊、蒙蔽、不敬和偽善,都只是為了把你們的罪惡遮蓋起來的一層薄紗。哪怕是野蠻人的國家也會因這樣的抓揆鶄pnz件j莧?。但薁楷现哉啌]幸奧說墓搖4聳貝絲?,栽憛囅|廈揮心囊桓雒褡宓乃魎頌?,更有血腥巫x恕?br>; 你們走遍了海角天涯,找遍舊大陸(指歐洲)所有君主專制的集權國家,訪遍南美洲,到處去挑出一切陋規惡習,然后拿那些東西與這個國家每天所干的事情比較一下,你們就會像我這樣說:在極端野蠻和最無恥的偽善方面,美國確實首屈一指,舉世無雙。


*in a lyric way

o liberty! o sounds delightful to every roman ear! o sacred privilege of roman citizenship! once sacred, ─now trampled on! is it come to this? shall an inferior magistrate, a governor, who holds his whole power of the roman people, in roman province within sight of italy, bind, scourge, torture, and put to an infamous death, a roman citizen? shall neither the cries of innocence expiring in agony, the tears of pitying spectators, the majesty of the roman commonwealth nor the fear of justice of his country restrain the merciless monster, who, in the confidence of his riches, strikes at the very root of liberty, and sets mankind at defiance? and shall this man escape? fathers, it must not be! it must not be, unless you would undermine the very foundations of social safety, strangle justice, and call down anarchy, massacre, and ruin, on the commonwealth!

??!自由,這曾是每個羅馬人的悅耳樂音!啊,神圣的羅馬公民權,一度是神圣不容侵犯的,而今卻橫遭殘踏!難道事情真已至如此地步?難道?真已至?5牡胤階芏劍娜咳醋月蘼砣嗣?,竟可以哉涒大利就近的一个罗马省份厘P我飫ω?、彼掝R⑿萄恫⒋λ酪晃宦蘼砉衤穡磕訓牢薰際芎φ耐純嘟瀉?、旁观者的同情热泪、罗马共和国的威严覟牧畏掘q曳ㄖ頻男睦磯疾荒苤浦鼓閼獠腥痰畝袢寺穡空餿艘勒套約旱牟聘?,打击纂s傻母?,公然缅氂人类!挠柪这恶冉z梢蘊油殉頭b穡恐釵輝?,这覛gú豢梢園?!这样纂h?,你盟N突嵬諶ド緇嵐踩幕?,扼砷]?,给共和国招来混聯u⑸甭競突倜穡?br>; but, whatever may be our fate, be assured, be assured, that this declaration will stand. it may cost treasure; and it may cost blood; but it will stand, and it will richly compensate for both. through the thick gloom of the present i see the brightness of the future as the sun in heaven. we shall make this a glorious and immortal day. when we are in our graves, our children will honor it. they will celebrate it with thanksgiving, with festivity, with bonfires, and illuminations. on its annual return they will shed tears, copious, gushing tears, not of anguish or sorrow, but of exultation, of gratitude, and of joy. sir, before god, i believe the hour has come. my judgment approves this measure, and my whole heart is in it. all that i have, and all that i am, and all that i hope, in this life, i am now ready here to stake upon it; and i leave off as i began, that, live or die, survive or perish, i am for the declaration. it is my living sentiment, and, by the blessing of god, it shall be my dying sentiment; independence now, and independence forever.


the memory of burns─i am afraid heaven and earth have taken too good care of it to leave us anything to say. the west winds are murmuring it. open the windows behind you, and hearken for the incoming tide, what the waves say of it. the doves, perching always on the eaves of the stone chapel (king's chapel) opposite, may know something about it. every home in broad scotland keeps his fame bright. the memory of burns─every man's and boy's, and girl's head carried snatches of his songs, and can say them by heart, and, what is strangest of all, never learned them from a book, but from mouth to mouth. the wind whispers them the birds whistle them, the corn, barley, and bulrushes brassily rustle them; nay, the music boxes at geneva are framed and toothed to play them; the hand organs of the sao yards in all cities repeat them, and the chimes of bells ring them in the spires. they are they property and the solace of mankind.




結尾:ok,thank you for listening,that's all.(好了,謝謝各位的聆聽,我的演講結束了。)我參加過很多英語比賽,而這個是比較常用的,也能體現出你的修養,

2.……honorable judges,distinguished guests,ladies and gentlemen,good evening!i feel really honored to stand here and make a speech.today i'm going to look together with you into this question:……


3.good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the english speaking competition for ……first of all, please allow me to introduce myself 女士們,先生們,大家晚上好!歡迎來到………… 首先,請允許我介紹一下自己。


-in conclusion, i'd like to…

-i'd like to finish by…


-by way of conclusion…

-i hope i have made myself understood

-i hope you have found this useful

-i hope this has given you some idea/clear idea/an outline of…

-let me end by saying…

-that, then was all i had to say on…

-that concludes our presentation…

-i hope i've managed to give you a clearer picture of…

-if there are any questions, i'd be delighted to…

-thank you for your attention…

-let's break for a coffee at this point

-i am afraid that the clock is against us, so we had better stop here

-you have been a very attentive audience---thank you




結尾:ok,thank you for listening,that's all.(好了,謝謝各位的聆聽,我的演講結束了。)我參加過很多英語比賽,而這個是比較常用的,也能體現出你的修養,

2.……honorable judges,distinguished guests,ladies and gentlemen,good evening!i feel really honored to stand here and make a speech.today i'm going to look together with you into this question:……


3.good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the english speaking competition for ……first of all, please allow me to introduce myself 女士們,先生們,大家晚上好!歡迎來到………… 首先,請允許我介紹一下自己。


-in conclusion, i'd like to…

-i'd like to finish by…


-by way of conclusion…

-i hope i have made myself understood

-i hope you have found this useful

-i hope this has given you some idea/clear idea/an outline of…

-let me end by saying…

-that, then was all i had to say on…

-that concludes our presentation…

-i hope i've managed to give you a clearer picture of…

-if there are any questions, i'd be delighted to…

-thank you for your attention…

-let's break for a coffee at this point

-i am afraid that the clock is against us, so we had better stop here

-you have been a very attentive audience---thank you


our university is a famous academic center. the teaching staff are all learned professors. many of them are world-wide known for their wide range of knowledge and charming personality. i respect my teachers! i admire my teachers! i love my teachers! various activities are carried here. they not only bring me happiness but also improve myself. i meet with a lot of classmates and make a large number of friends. when i feel upset, the will give me a hand; when i am happy, i will share with them. the library has a large collection of books and i always lose myself in it. i believe they will benefit me a lot and are to broaden the roads of my future.

i love you,****university! you are just a place which gives me warmth and strengths! you are my home!


supporting beijing's bid is a systematic project that can support china'sdevelopment efforts.

i believe recycled paper,clean fuel,sorted rubbish,water-saving and enery-efficient facilities will become reality in the coming years for china.

i believe the new century is an era of learning ans teaching,and lifelong education has become one of the main trends in the future developmet of chinese society.

i believe that,on july 13,our dream of beijing's olympic bid will become true.

because to millions of chinese,for china to have the gloal respect and support that she deserves is not just a dream.

it is a part of our very souls.for we are not only equal members of our motherland, china,but we are also equal contributors to the world as a whole. let us stand together,all nations in beijing,in brotherhood,friendship and peace, in 2023 and forever!


i love english,it gives me a colorful dream.i hope i can travel around the world one day. with my good english, i can make friends with many people from different contries.i can see many places of great interests.i dream that i can go to london,because it is the birth place of english.

i also want to use my good english to introduce our great places to the english spoken people,i hope that they can love our country like us.

i know, rome was not built in a day. i believe that after continuous hard study, one day i can speak english very well.

if you want to be loved, you should learn to love and be lovable. so i believe as i love english everyday , it will love me too.

i am sure that i will realize my dream one day!



1. oklahoma bombing memorial prayer service address

william jefferson clinton

s: thank you very much, governor keating and mrs. keating, reverend graham, to the families of those who have been lost and wounded, to the people of oklahoma city, who have endured so much, and the people of this wonderful state, to all of you who are here as our fellow americans.

e: my fellow americans, a tree takes a long time to grow, and wounds take a long time to heal. but we must begin. those who are lost now belong to god. some day we will be with them. but until that happens, their legacy must be our lives. thank you all, and god bless you. 2. remarks at the brandenburg gate

ronald reagan

s: chancellor kohl, governing mayor diepgen, ladies and gentlemen: twenty four years ago, president john f. kennedy visited berlin, and speaking to the people of this city and the world at the city hall. well since then two other presidents have come, each in his turn to berlin. and today, i, myself, make my second visit to your city.

we come to berlin, we american presidents, because it's our duty to speak in this place of freedom. but i must confess, we’re drawn here by other things as well; by the feeling of history in this city -- more than 500 years older than our own nation; by the beauty of the grunewald and the tiergarten; most of all, by your courage and determination. perhaps the composer, paul linke, understood something about american presidents. you see, like so many presidents before me, i come here today because wherever i go, whatever i do: “ich hab noch einen koffer in berlin” [i still have a suitcase in berlin.]

e: in the 1950s -- in the 1950s khrushchev predicted: 'we will bury you.' 3. address on taking the oath of the u.s. presidency

gerald r. ford

s: mr. chief justice, my dear friends, my fellow americans:

the oath that i have taken is the same oath that was taken by george washington and by every president under the constitution. but i assume the presidency under extraordinary circumstances never before experienced by americans. this is an hour of history that troubles our minds and hurts our hearts.

e: with all the strength and all the good sense i have gained from life, with all the confidence of my family, my friends, and my dedicated staff impart to me, and with the good will of countless americans i have encountered in recent visits to 40 states, i now solemnly reaffirm my promise i made to you last december 6: to uphold the constitution; to do what is right as god gives me to see the right; and to do the very best i can for america.

god helping me, i will not let you down. thank you.

4. energy and the national goals - a crisis of confidence

jimmy carter

s: this a special night for me. exactly three years ago, on july 15, 1976, i accepted the nomination of my party to run for president of the united states. i promised you a president who is not isolated from the people, who feels your pain, and who shares your dreams, and who draws his strength and his wisdom from you.

e: in closing, let me say this: i will do my best, but i will not do it alone. let your voice be heard. whenever you have a chance, say something good about our country. with god’s help and for the sake of our nation, it is time for us to join hands in america. let us commit ourselves together to a rebirth of the american spirit. working together with our common faith we cannot fail.

thank you and good night.

5. on vietnam and not seeking reelection

lyndon baines johnson

s: good evening, my fellow americans:

tonight i want to speak to you of peace in vietnam and southeast asia. no other question so preoccupies our people. no other dream so absorbs the 250 million human beings who live in that part of the world. no other goal motivates american policy in southeast asia.

e: accordingly, i shall not seek, and i will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your president. but let men everywhere know, however, that a strong and a confident and a vigilant america stands ready tonight to seek an honorable peace; and stands ready tonight to defend an honored cause, whatever the price, whatever the burden, whatever the sacrifice that duty may require.

thank you for listening. good night and god bless all of you. 6. cambodian incursion address

richard m. nixon

s: good evening, my fellow americans. ten days ago, in my report to the nation on vietnam, i announced the decision to withdraw an additional 150,000 americans from vietnam over the next year. i said then that i was making that decision despite our concern over increased enemy activity in laos, in cambodia, and in south vietnam. and at that time i warned that if i concluded that increased enemy activity in any of these areas endangered the lives of americans remaining in vietnam, i would not hesitate to take strong and effective measures to deal with that situation. despite that warning, north vietnam has increased its military aggression in all these areas, and particularly in cambodia.

e: the possibility of winning a just peace in vietnam and in the pacific is at stake.it is customary to conclude a speech from the white house by asking support for the president of the united states. tonight, i depart from that precedent. what i ask is far more important. i ask for your support for our brave men fighting tonight halfway around the world, not for territory, not for glory, but so that their younger brothers and their sons and your sons can have a chance to grow up in a world of peace, and freedom, and justice. thank you, and good night.

7. opening statement to the senate judiciary committee

anita hill

s: my name is anita f. hill, and i am a professor of law at the university of oklahoma. i was born on a farm in okmulgee county, oklahoma, in 1956. i am the youngest of 13 children. i had my early education in okmulgee county. my father, albert hill, is a farmer in that area. my mother's name is irma hill. she is also a farmer and a housewife.

e: it would have been more comfortable to remain silent. it took no initiative to inform anyone -- i took no initiative to inform anyone. but when i was asked by a representative of this committee to report my experience, i felt that i had to tell the truth. i could not keep silent.

8. television and the public interest

newton n. minow

s: governor collins, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. governor collins you're much too kind, as all of you have been to me the last few days. it's been a great pleasure and an honor for me to meet so many of you. and i want to thank you for this opportunity to meet with you today.

e: i urge you, i urge you to put the people's airwaves to the service of the people and the cause of freedom. you must help prepare a generation for great decisions. you must help a great nation fulfill its future.

do this! i pledge you our help. thank you. 9. black power

stokely carmichael

s: thank you very much. it’s a privilege and an honor to be in the white intellectual ghetto of the west. we wanted to do a couple of things before we started. the first is that, based on the fact that sncc, through the articulation of its program by its chairman, has been able to win elections in georgia, alabama, maryland, and by our appearance here will win an election in california, in 1968 i'm going to run for president of the united states. i just can't make it, 'cause i wasn't born in the united states. that's the only thing holding me back.

e: and then, therefore, in a larger sense there's the question of black people. we are on the move for our liberation. we have been tired of trying to prove things to white people. we are tired of trying to explain to white people that we’re not going to hurt them. we are concerned with getting the things we want, the things that we have to have to be able to function. the question is, can white people allow for that in this country? the question is, will white people overcome their racism and allow for that to happen in this country? if that does not happen, brothers and sisters, we have no choice but to say very clearly, 'move over, or we’re going to move on over you.' thank you.

10. vice presidential nomination acceptance address

geraldine ferraro

s: ladies and gentlemen of the convention:

my name is geraldine ferraro. i stand before you to proclaim tonight: america is the land where dreams can come true for all of us. as i stand before the american people and think of the honor this great convention has bestowed upon me, i recall the words of dr. martin luther king jr., who made america stronger by making america more free. he said, 'occasionally in life there are moments which cannot be completely explained by words. their meaning can only be articulated by the inaudible language of the heart.' tonight is such a moment for me. e: to all the children of america, i say: the generation before ours kept faith with us, and like them, we will pass on to you a stronger, more just america. thank you.


*with compliments

and, consequently, marx was the best-hated and most calumniated man of his time. governments, both absolutist and republican, deported him from their territories. bourgeois, the conservative or ultra democratic, view with one another in heaping slanders cobweb, ignoring it, answering only when extreme necessity compelled him. and he died beloved, revered and mourned by millions of revolutionary fellow workers─from the mines of siberia to california. in parts of europe and america─and i make bold to say that though. he may have had many opponents he had hardly one personal enemy.

his name will endure through the ages, and so also will his work!



in the national rejoicing and pride, the french people send brotherly greetings to their gallant allies, who, like themselves and for the same cause, have sustained so many hardships over such a long period, to their heroic armies and to those commanding them, and to all those men and women who, throughout the world, fought, suffered and worked so that the cause of liberty and justice might ultimately prevail.



*with celebrated dictums


chairman mao has written, 'so many deeds cry out to be done, and always urgently; the world rolls on, time presses. ten thousand years are too long, seize the day, seize the hour!'

this is the hour, this is the day for our two peoples to rise to the heights of greatness which can build a new and a better world.

in that spirit, i ask all of you present to join me in raising your glasses to chairman mao, to prime minister zhou, and to the friendship of the chinese and american people which can lead to friendship and peace for all people in the world.

--(speech by president nixon of the united states at welcoming banquet 21 february, 1972)





my friends, allow me to quote a traditional famous chinese poem as my end. i think we can further and better understand that our parents love us warmly and deeply like that of a spring. now i will recite the poem:

the thread in mother's hand─

a gown for parting son.

sewn stitch by stitch, alas!

for fear of cold he'll stand.

such kindness of warm sun

can't be repaid by grass.

may every one of us respect

and love our parents!

may our society be full of love!

thank you all!








the last cause of this disobedient spirit in the colonies is hardly less powerful than the rest, as it is not merely moral, but laid deep in the natural constitution of things. three thousand miles of ocean lie between you and them. no contrivance can prevent the effect of this distance in weakening government. seas roll and months pass between the order and the execution; and the want of a speedy explanation of a single point is enough to defeat the whole system. you have, indeed, 'wingled ministers' of vengence, who carry your bolts in their pouches to the remotes verge of the sea. but there a power steps in that limits the arrogance of raging passion and furious elements, and says: 'so far shalt though go, and no farther.'


there is saying that about the sun which makes us forget his spots, and when we think of general grant our pulses quicken and his grammar vanishes; we only remember that this is the simple soldier, who, all in taught of the silken phrase makers, linked words together with an art surpassing the art of the schools and put into them a something which will still bring to american ears, as long as america shall last, the roll of his vanished drums and the tread of his marching hosts. what do we care for grammar when we think of those thunderous phrases; 'unconditional and immediate surrender', 'i propose to move immediately upon your words', 'i propose to fight it out on this line if it takes all summer'. mr arnold would doubtless claim that that last phrase is not strictly grammatical, and yet it did certainly make up this nation as a hundred million tons of a no.1, fourth proof, hard-boilded, hidebound grammar from another mouth could not have done. and finally we have that gentler phrase, that one which shows you another true side of the man, shows you that in his soldier heart there was room for other than glory war mottoes and his tongue the gift to fitfully phrase them─'let us have peace'.


to summarize what i have said: aim for the highest, never enter a bar room; do not touch liquor, or if at all only at meals; never speculate; never indorse beyond your surplus cash fund make the firm's interest yours; break orders always to save owners; concentrate; put all your eggs in one basket, and watch that basket; expenditure always within revenue; lastly be not impatient, for, as emerson says, 'no one can cheat you out of ultimate success but yourselves'.

--from andrew carnegie:'the road to success'




英語演講稿格式結尾從大的方面看,英語 演講詞實際上是屬于一種特殊的說明文或議論文,其基本組成部分是: 1)開始時對聽眾的稱呼語 最常用的是 ladies and gentlemen,也可根據不同情況,選用 fellow students,distinguished guests,mr chairman,honorable judges(評委)等等。2)提出論題由于演講的時間限制,必須開門見山,提出論題。提出論題的方法有各種各樣,但最生動,最能引起注意的是用舉例法。比如:你要呼吁大家關心貧窮


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